Changes Ahead Again

Once again, I’m here to interrupt my regular schedule. As I mentioned here earlier this year, health issues and injuries plagued my family at the start of the year, making it harder for me to find time to watch movies AND comment on them. As a result, I made the decision to try and pull back on the number of posts I was trying to do every month in the hopes of being able to continue blogging. In the time since, my family has been through a lot more ups and downs, and recently, there have been enough problems that I find myself needing once again to change things up entirely. To be honest, I’m still trying to figure out to what extent I will change everything. It is my plan to try to finish out the year 2022 with all the posts I still had planned out way in advance (since I already had quite a few done in advance). It’s 2023 that is confusing, as I try to figure out whether I will be stopping entirely (but leave the blog up), or be making periodic appearances (mainly for blogathons), or just pull back even further on the number of posts per month (and in effect dropping the “Star/Screen Team/Genre Of The Month” stuff that I’ve been doing for 2021 and 2022). Regardless of which direction I take, I will try to continue to reply to comments, and probably update some posts (either when I rewatch films for the fun of it, or when they’re released on a new format).

If I continue (which I probably won’t really know for sure until December 2022), I am certain that I will be dropping some of my occasional series (like “Original Vs. Remake,” “Screen Team Edition,” etc.). I am presently unsure whether I will continue my “Coming Up Shorts!” series. On the one hand, they’ve been getting harder to pull off because of the time required, but on the other hand, I’m still enjoying watching all of these shorts (especially the Little Rascals series, which I would like to finish up, and I certainly won’t be able to do that in 2022). I will probably keep the “What’s Old Is A New Release Again Roundup” series going (and move it to Sunday instead of Wednesday), but, without any “Star/Screen Team/Genre Of The Month” stuff, it will only be one post a month on whatever new releases I see the month before (and I will take the months of January, April and December off for that specific series). I might also host two or three blogathons a year, albeit for shorter time frames of either three or five days, with one to be done in late January-early February, another in September (likely the musical-focused blogathon), and possibly one other to be determined (likely focused on other stars I haven’t covered yet as “Stars Of The Month” if I don’t do that as the late Januarye/early February blogathon). Right now, I’m waiting to see how my upcoming Musical Screen Teams blogathon fares for participation before I make my decision about hosting any more blogathons (and I’m open to any thoughts from my fellow bloggers about what I can do to possibly improve on that front). As it stands, these are the main changes that may happen IF I continue on into 2023 and beyond (but, I’ve changed my mind several times about what I might do if I continue, so take these ideas with a grain of salt). As I said, I really won’t know for sure until the last week of December rolls around. By that time, I will likely either announce the first blogathon (which is very much on my mind if I do continue), or I will essentially say “farewell” in my “Year In Review” post on the last day of the year. I certainly hope I’m not done yet, so I’ll keep trying until then!


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