Thoughts From The Music(al) Man (2020) on… Lucky Partners (1940)

We’re back for the 1940 movie Lucky Partners starring Ronald Colman and Ginger Rogers.

As two strangers passing on the street, David Grant (Ronald Colman) randomly wishes Jean Newton (Ginger Rogers) “good luck” as she is out delivering some books. When the customer just randomly gives her a fancy dress, Jean starts thinking, and decides to go in on a sweepstakes ticket with David, especially after she finds him working across the street from her bookshop. He agrees to go in with her, on one condition: that, if they win, they use the money to go on a trip together (or, as he calls it, a honeymoon). Reluctant, she brings in her fiance Freddie Harper (Jack Carson), who, after talking with David, agrees she should do it. Their ticket is picked, but they end up losing. However, Freddie had sold Jean’s half of the ticket, and she decided to give some of the money to David. He asks if she is still willing to go on that trip (even though it wouldn’t be quite as much as if they had actually won the sweepstakes), as long as they go as “brother and sister,” and she agrees. They go to Niagara Falls, where they check into a hotel. When Freddie finds out, he comes traveling after them. When David kisses Jean, he runs out on her. He is caught by the police driving her car, and she and Freddie are also arrested. When they go before the judge (Harry Davenport), it comes out that David’s real name is Paul Knight Somerset, and he is a famous painter.

Ronald Colman had been in a few successful movies and had formed his own production company in the hopes of trying to keep things going. At the time, Lucky Partners was one of a handful of scripts he had to work with. Ginger Rogers wanted to work with Ronald Colman, so she jumped at the chance to do this film, turning down the role of Hildy Johnson in His Girl Friday. They were joined by Jack Carson, who was a rising star after having been an extra in a few of Ginger’s earlier films.

My own opinion of this movie is that it is a fun one, with many memorable moments! There’s definitely some fun going on with the hotel changing their rooms for them (ultimately paying off when Jack Carson’s character tries to sneak into the wrong room). And, speaking of Jack Carson, while his character is definitely obnoxious, it’s still fun to see him being an idiot, and having the judge call him out on it in the trial. And, as to that trial, that is definitely one of the best parts of the movie, as the comedy ramps up a little more. Now, it doesn’t quite get as ridiculous as the trial in Ginger’s movie Roxie Hart a few years later, but it’s still just a lot of fun, especially with the lovable Henry Davenport as the judge! While not an absolutely great movie, it’s still a lot of fun, and one I definitely recommend!

This movie is available on DVD from Warner Archive Collection.

Film Length: 1 hour, 39 minutes

My Rating: 9/10

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