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Welcome, everybody, to Thoughts From The Music(al) Man (TFTMM)! For those that don’t know me, I have over time developed a fondness for older movies, from a few silent comedies in the twenties up through the fifties (and a fair few from the sixties as well). I have over the years gathered together a pretty decent collection of a lot of these movies, on DVD and on Blu-ray (and more recently 4K UHD). Some are well-known, quite a few are obscure. My hope with this blog is to be able to share some of these movies. Maybe some of these will appeal to others, maybe none. I have become increasingly open to a lot of these movies (and keep finding more and more that I hadn’t even heard of that are just as enjoyable), and I hope others will be open to trying some of these as well.

My plan is generally to write my thoughts on some of the movies as I watch them. Some I will have stuff to talk about, others I won’t immediately. I started doing all this on Facebook, first on my own profile, then as a FB page, and now I have this blog, as well as a YouTube channel. For the most part, I am now posting mostly on Sundays, with the main “Thoughts From The Music(al) Man” column appearing on the first or second Sunday of the month, followed by my “What’s Old Is A New Release Again” column (which focuses on new releases on physical media) a week or two later (when I have one).

I know there will be differences in how everybody sees things, because I know not everybody watches movies the same way I do (and by that, I mean I tend to watch movies as a form of escapism, whereas others won’t necessarily watch them in that way). Due to my preferences there, I know I am most likely to watch musicals, with comedies following close behind (and if you want to hear about any of the dramas, you may have to ask, as they tend to be something I need to be in more of a specific mood to watch). I will try to be as sensitive as I can on things, but I know I am human and will make mistakes here and there. I do hope people will enjoy , and every now and then I hope I can convince people to be “guest reviewers,” but in the meantime, enjoy the blog!  Also, if you enjoy what I am doing, please feel free to support this blog by using the posted Amazon links, whether for the movies themselves or your usual Amazon purchases!

Also, I would like to throw in one more thing. As I will readily admit, due to the way I try to schedule things, the reviews for some of the movies I watch (particularly my “Thoughts From The Music(al) Man” series) tend to appear a while after I watch the movies. But, I am now adding in the list of movies I am watching, or will be watching soon. This list will be constantly updated, so keep checking in to see what will be getting reviewed soon!

Note: for clarification, * means I will be reviewing the movie as part of my Sunday Thoughts From The Music(al) Man series, and therefore might be a while before the review shows up, ** means it’s a new disc release, which will be part of my Wednesday What’s Old Is A New Release Again series (unless I have a different reason for putting it on a different day), which will generally be posted closer to when I actually watch the movie, and no asterisks of any kind indicate I currently do not have plans to review the movie in the immediate future (or, in some cases, have already reviewed it, but in those cases, I will link to the previous reviews). Also, for movies I plan to review, I will be showing the theatrical poster when I am currently viewing it (or for those I’ve already reviewed).

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